Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Examples of Example Essays

On that fateful night, Aruna Shanbaug lost her sight, her fiancée, her career, and her very own life. Walmiki a sweeper chocked her with a dog’s chain and assaulted her on a night shift. Unfortunately, the asphyxia cut oxygen supply, resulting to severe brain damage. She went into a vegetative state which she has never recovered from since 1973. Her nursing career had just begun at KEM Hospital, Mumbai and just like any other 24 year old girl she had big dreams. For over 37 years now, Aruna Shanbaug has been confided in a hospital bed at KEM Hospital, Mumbai.  It is one of the saddest stories I know.  The Supreme Court however, rejected a plea for euthanasia stating that acting euthanasia is illegal in India. Euthanasia is the putting to an end of  a person’s life to stop pain such as Aruna. An example essay, also known as an illustration essay illustrates a subject such as euthanasia, by providing multiple examples of the subject, for example, Aruna Shanbaug’s case. This analysis will provide you with imperative facts about examples of example essays, stay with me.
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Types of examples of example essays
There are three types of examples or illustrations portrayed in great examples of example essays.
 First, specific illustrations; these types of illustrations are drawn from personal experiences. For example, activist- journalist, Pinki Virani, who appealed to the Supreme Court for Aruna’s euthanasia would write an example from a personal experience. Again, if you went through an accident and your topic is about accidents, you would write about the personal accident.
Second, typical examples; these are examples based on general illustrations, for example, other cases of euthanasia include cases of Tony Nicklinson and  Aruna Shanbaug, among others
Third, hypothetical illustrations, which are invented types of examples. For example, if your subject is euthanasia, you may invent your own examples that never existed to illustrate euthanasia. The write hence often has to use the word “supposing,’ prior to writing the example.
Examples of examples essays verses character sketch examples essays
While samples of example essays illustrate a subject with multiple examples, a character sketch example essay illustrates about the character of someone. Nevertheless, it does not require you to write about the entire history of the character. They may hence state an incidence, in which, the writer met the character.  The internet is a massive supplier of character sketch example essay, and samples of example essays, among others.  Custom writing services is also another significant resource of character sketch example essays, and samples of essay examples among others.
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