Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Example Thesis Statements for Essays

 I woke up to the pleasant surprise; I had won 30 million dollars. It was the turning point of my life,” a brilliant example thesis statement for personal essays. If you are soliciting example thesis statements for essays, you are in the right place. This analysis will provide you with example thesis statements for different genres of essays and tips on coming up with them, stay with me.
Thesis statements for essays are a summary of the entire essay.  They state the objective of the essay in one or two sentences. They are usually found in the introduction.  For example, in relation to our previous example, the thesis statement already tells you that the essay is about how the writer’s life changed after winning 30 million dollars.  Keep it in mind that there are different genres of essays. As such, example thesis statements for essays vary depending with the genres of the essays. Another example thesis statement for a personal essay includes;
  • It is in the furnace of affliction that we attain some of our greatest credentials. – This thesis statement already tells you that the personal experience is based on hard times and the lesson to learn is hard times make us better people.
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Example thesis statements for argument essays
Let us now look at some of the example thesis statements for argument essays.
  • Abortion has led to saving of lives for mothers. It is crucial.
  • Abortion is characterized by death, damaged wombs, and cervix, and post abortion trauma. It should not be legalized. Some of the custom writing services
  • Cloning is a major booster to the Agriculture sector, not to mention of the medicinal effects and birth of children for barren couples. It is a brilliant idea
  • Cloning denies the right to uniqueness and identity, not to mention that it goes against religious ethics. It should not be legalized.
Resources of example thesis statements for essays of all genres
For years on end, the internet is one of the greatest resources of example thesis statements for essays, example topics for essays, and example outline for essays, among others. Custom writing services are also significant resources of example outline for essays, essay topics and essay thesis statements among others. First grade past papers from colleagues are also a significant resource of example outline for essays, and thesis statements. Finally, it is also astute to solicit example outlines for essays, essay topics and thesis statements from your lecturer.

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