Wednesday, 7 November 2012

College Example Essays

College example essays can be easily accessed on the internet. The convenience involved in using College example essays to teach yourself about academic writing is what makes them very important. Apart from reading textbooks in class, going through College example essays makes your life in college very easy. It is advisable that apart from reading books on how to carry out academic writing, it is important for all students to go through College example essays.
Essays examples also make it very easy for teachers. Your instructor will find it easier to explain a complex idea by using Essays examples. They are able to provide students with Essays examples that clearly illustrate what they want. Use of Essays examples also ensures that the students will have a point to refer to long after the discussions in class are over.
From going through an example of an essay, college students are able to learn about different types of academic writing and what each entails. The students will come across essay examples for different kinds of essay including:
  • Descriptive essay examples
These essays are normally written using descriptive language. The essence of writing this kind of essay is to make the reader have a clear mental picture of a certain situation as though they were actually present in that given time. Descriptive language is highly creative and depending on the subject matter being discussed, it can be formal or informal. After going through several examples of this kind of essays, the student will be able to come up with one of their own.
  •   Argumentative essay examples
An argumentative essay example entails the presenting of an idea including its supporting points and countering ideas. Here the student is expected to pick a side and support it. The language used in this kind of writing is highly persuasive to as to sway the reader to embrace your opinion. These essay examples are normally a very interesting read. Picking a good argumentative essay topic can e a challenge for most students but going through these examples always gives them an idea upon which they can develop their own topic.
  • Comparative essay examples
Unlike in an argumentative essay, here the writer simply compares and contrasts two related phenomenon or ideas. The writer does not need to use a persuasive language. By going through examples of comparative essays, the student gets to know what is required of them. Examples are normally very helpful especially for beginners who have never written a certain kind of essay before. 

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