Friday, 28 September 2012

Ib Extended Essay Samples

If you are reading this, chances are that you have been assigned an Ib extended essay. As such, prior to anything else, we will define an Ib extended essay.
What is an Ib extended essay?
An extended essay is a formal research based piece of writing. It is written by students during their junior and senior years. Supervisors guide students on how to write extended essays. However, extended essays are not part of class work. Ib extended essays is an acronym of International Baccalaureate extended essay. This is a form of an extended essay, but has a topic related to IB curricular areas. Consequently, making the best out of IB extended essay samples is one of the keys to an exceptional Ib extended essay.
Comparison between IB extended essay samples and GEDs essay samples
GED is an acronym of General Education Development. As such, a GED essay is written at the end of the General Education Development. Both essays are written at the end of senior schools.
Sources of Ib extended essays
Custom writing services are one of the sources of Ib extended essay examples, GED essay samples, and definition essay samples, among others.
The internet is another source of Ib extended essay examples, deductive essay examples, and personal essay examples.
Your lecturer is one of the sources of the Ib extended essay examples, GED essay samples, among others. 
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Qualities of great Ib extended essay samples
  • They must have an introduction, body and conclusion
  • They must  be correctly cited
  • The topic must be in relation to Ib curriculum activities.
Tips on how to write Ib extended essays
  1. The introduction- the introduction must be interesting, and informative. Some of the approaches of writing an interesting introduction are by using an anecdote, asking a question, or writing a common quote.
  2. Body paragraphs- body paragraphs must be written in three parts, which are; the main idea, connectors, and the support. The main idea communicates the paragraph’s main objective. The support reinforces the main idea, and the connectors join the paragraphs within the essay.
  3. The conclusion- the conclusion summarizes the main ideas. It does not introduce new ideas
  4.   Sign posts- sign posts enhance a smooth flow within the paragraphs
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