Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Example of Persuasive Essays

I let the tears flow freely. I stared in his eyes, hoping the doctor would give me different information. That I still had the capacity to give birth. That I still had the chance to hold my little bundle of joy, whenever I desired. But he did not. He just gazed at my hopeless eyes, and let the information sink. I had survived the abortion, but with a perforated womb. I would never give birth. It was my first pregnancy. That was thirteen years ago, in college. I neither know how it feels to have a child of my own, nor do I have the chance to hold one.   However, I live to tell every little girl, every adult contemplating abortion, please stop it. Abortion is not only characterized by a perforated womb, but post abortion trauma, damaged cervix, and death among others.  A persuasive essay seeks to persuade the audience to buy the writer’s point of view. The writer must hence have adequate supportive information. In relation to the above illustration, the writer seeks to persuade the reader to stop abortion. He goes ahead to give supportive information of risks of abortion. This analysis provides you with profound information on examples of persuasive essays, stay with me.
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Examples of persuasive essays thesis statements
Great examples of persuasive essays encompass an introduction, thesis statements, body, and conclusion. Example thesis statements for essays summarize the essay in a nutshell. They state the essay’s objective. Example thesis statements for essays come in one or two sentences. They are written in the last part on the introduction. In relation to our persuasive essay topic, an example thesis statement for essays would be; abortion is characterized by death, perorated womb, damaged cervix, and post abortion trauma. Stop abortion. Custom writing services and internet are significant resources of example thesis statements for essays.
Example of persuasive essays topics
The journey to writing a great persuasive essay begins with a great topic. The topic must be interesting and relevant to the target audience. This calls for a brief research on your target audience based on their intellectual level, age, gender, their interests, and issues they are facing. Consequently, brainstorm different issues affecting them and select the most significant, and interesting topic. Again, you must select a topic that provides you with adequate material to support your argument. Such topics include;
  • Same sex marriages are wrong, stop them
  • Cloning is essential; it should be legalized
  •  Euthanasia should never be administered based on biblical grounds. 

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