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Example of Outlines for Essays

One of the keys to exceptional grades in essay writing is a perfect essay outline.  Consequently, this analysis encompasses tips for exceptional essay outlines, example UC essay outline, example persuasive essay outline, and resources of example outline for essays, for exceptional grades in essay writing, stay with me.
A perfect essay outline encompasses a topic, introduction, thesis statement, body, and conclusion. Keep it in mind that in most cases than not, the thesis statement is found in the last part of the introduction. It summarizes the entire essay in one or two sentences. The body paragraphs reinforce the introduction with supportive information. The conclusion restates the thesis statement, summarizes the main points, and leaves the reader with a lasting impression through a call for action or food for thought.
Example outline for persuasive essays
Family planning
Family planning is characterized by well managed resources for families, adequate attention from parents, quality education, wholesome food, and health care, among others. It is essential
Paragraph 1- enough family resources
Paragraph 2- adequate attention from parents
Paragraph 3- quality education
Paragraphs 4- wholesome food
Paragraph 5- enough health care
Restatement of the thesis statements
Call for action for the society to implement family planning
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Example UC essay outlines
Discuss how your admission in the University of California will help you achieve your career goals
 My academic efforts aim at achieving my childhood dreams; owning one of the largest Music and Theatre Companies in the world. Joining Haas School of business at the University of California will equip me with business strategies for starting my company, management of my business resources, administering my employees, and attracting and maintaining my clients. It is one of the greatest opportunities in my life.
Paragraph 1- starting the company; challenges you have and how you expect the University to equip you on the starting it
Paragraph 2- the resources you would want to have
Paragraphs 3- what kind of employees would you like to hire and what you would like reflected in them consequent to proper management.
Paragraph 4- clients
Restatement of the thesis statements
Summary of the main points
A kind call for action for the university to consider your admission request
Where to get example outlines for essays
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