Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Examples of Essays

This feeling persisted in my heart. My day was characterized by sad memories.  It was too painful to lose my child. Even to date, I have never recovered from the loss of my baby.  A personal essay is one of the essay examples.  It narrates a personal experience of the writer. For example, in relation to the above narration, we can derive a personal essay topic namely; the insurmountable loss. Essay writing is one of the prevailing subjects in school. As a rule, essays examples are one of the approaches of successful essay writing. As such, this analysis will encompass imperative facts about examples of essays.
Different genres of examples of essays
Besides the personal essay, there are many more types of essays. Some of them include; cause and effect essays. This is an essay that describes an event, relating its impact and its causes. The expository essay informs the target audience of a subject, based on facts. A persuasive essay sample persuades the reader to buy the writer’s point of view. Example scholarship essays persuade the scholarship committee that the writer is most suitable for the scholarship. On the other hand, informal essay sample has a light tone. In most times than not, it communicates an imperative lesson learnt.  A literary essay analyzes great works of literature. These are just but some of the examples of essays.
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Making the most examples of essays
Examples scholarship essays, expository essays, cause and effect essays, personal essays, and college essays, among others are useful in the following aspects. To begin with, they are resources of essay ideas. For example, it is easy to generate scholarship essay topics from different example scholarship essays. Again, essay samples guide students on imperative essay writing skills. They are also resources of dexterity on citation. Nevertheless, scores of students tend to use essay examples as if they were their own. This is termed as plagiarism which is unethical.
Things to note about examples of essays
For years on end, the internet, has been a massive resource of example scholarship essays, expository essays, personal essays, definition essays, just but to mention a few. Nevertheless, is astute to solicit websites with the top level domain names such, .org, .net, Besides, custom services are also a significant resource of example scholarship essays, expository essays, definition essays, deductive essays, and personal essays examples, among others.
Second, not all samples of essays are professional. Great essay samples are characterized by a perfect essay format; introduction, body, conclusion. They have interesting and relevant essay topics.

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