Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Example TOK Essays

Both the Theory of knowledge essays (TOK essays) and the extended essays are part of the IB diploma programme. If you are an IB diploma student, you cannot afford to be ignorant of the following dexterity, stay with me.
Example TOK essay topics
TOK exam prescribes 6 essay titles from which the students choose from. The topics raise genetic cross disciplinary questions about knowledge. They encompass claims, and counterclaims that link knowledge issues. Creativity and originality is essential in TOK essay writing. TOK essay topics encompass three areas; areas of knowledge, ways of knowing and factors surpassing individual ways of knowing and areas of knowledge. Examples TOK essay topics include;
  1.    Discuss to what extent you agree with the following assertion; only seeing common patterns can provide us with knowledge
  2. Discuss your understanding of the four ways of knowing using the TOK diagram
  3.  In natural and human sciences, disagreement is an aid to the pursuit of knowledge. Discuss.
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Making the most of Example TOK essays
Example TOK essays are resources of TOK essay topics. They are also resources of essay writing skills such as citation. Citation is the acknowledgement of ideas from different sources. Nevertheless, keep it in mind that, using examples of TOK essays as if they were your own, is unethical.
Example TOK essays verses example extended essay
Both example extended essays and TOK essays are crucial to the IB diploma student. To graduate in this programme, one must tackle both essays. Nevertheless, the essays are different. The TOK essay sample is limited to areas of knowledge while the example extended essay is not. For a comprehensive understanding, solicit examples of extended essays and TOK essays from the internet. Custom writing services are also significant resources of example extended essays and TOK essay samples. Again, ask IB examiners to provide you with papers of students past. They make great resources of sample papers.
TOK essay writing skills
First, read the instructions carefully and understand what is required of you by the examiner. Next, among the six topics provided, choose the one that captivates your interest most. Also again, choose a topic that you are most comfortable and conversant with. This provides you with a friendly and interesting environment to pull through your essay. Write your essay abiding in the rules and instructions. TOK essays are not as intricate as they may sound. Intensive reading, following instructions, and comprehensive preparation is all there is for exceptional grades.

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