Friday, 28 September 2012

Persuasive Essay Samples

It was one of the controversial stories that CNN aired that day; Episcopal priests had advocated for same sex marriages! That was in July, 10, 2012, when the convention’s house of Bishops approved the provision policy 111-41. What a controversy! In my opinion, same sex marriage should never happen. When asked to write a persuasive essay, you as a writer are required to convenience your reader your point of view. For example, in the above case in point, God of all creation, and the founder of marriages never designed marriage as same sex but of opposite sex. Second, couples of the same sex are not in a position to bear children. These are just but a few reasons that same sex marriages should never take place. Unlike other essays, this essay takes the opinion of the writer, his or her feelings and thoughts about a given subject. Its main objective is to convenience your reader that your point of view is most valid. One of the keys to successful persuasive essay writing is the use of persuasive essay samples. As such, the following dexterity is paramount when using persuasive essay examples, stay with me.
Attributes of strong, persuasive essay samples
They must have a right format, which is the introduction, body, and conclusion. (The introduction must be captivating and informative. The body must be well detailed, with sign posts to enhance a smooth flow. The conclusion must have a lasting impression on the reader’s) second, strong persuasive essay examples are correctly cited.

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Besides persuasive essay examples…
Besides persuasive essay examples, there are other types of essay samples. They include; narrative essay samples, scholarship essays samples, persuasive essay samples, deductive essay sample and definition essay samples, just but to mention a few.
Sources of persuasive essay samples
For years on end, custom writing services, the internet, books, and journals have been massive source of persuasive essay examples, scholarship essay samples, definition essay samples, deductive essays samples, and personal essay samples, just but to mention a few. However, it is astute to evaluate the credibility of a custom writing service prior to implementing on its services.
Do not forget!
Whether you are using scholarship essay samples, persuasive essay examples, personal essay samples among others, do not forget to evaluate the professionalism of the sample. Again, do not use persuasive essay samples, scholarship essay samples, and so on, as if they were your own, it is termed as plagiarism, and it is unethical and punishable.

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