Friday, 28 September 2012

College Application Essay Samples

I had never seen Jean fraught with anxiety, for the previous few months, than when she came home last week. “I just do not know how to write my University of Chicago application letter,” my daughter mumbled. As a rule, there is no topic that is more fraught with apprehension for the high school senior, than the college application essay. A college application essay is a piece of writing that convinces a college committee that you are the most qualified student for the position in college. College application essay samples are one of the keys to successful college essay writing. However, to make the best out of college application essay examples, you must have the following dexterity, stay with me.
Attributes of professional college application essay samples
Exceptional samples of college application essays are characterized by:
  • They are controversial, where possible.
  • They convenience the college committee, that the writer is most suitable for the position.
  • They describe the challenges that the writer went through and how he resolved them
  • They  discuss unique features of the writer
  • They are precise and coherent
  •  They do not sound desperate but instead, conveniences the school committee that the writer is best suited for the college opportunity
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Besides samples of college application essays…
Let us look at additional tips in writing exceptional college application essay, besides using essay samples. First, be confident and let it reflect on your paper. Again, research the college background. This will give you a comprehension of the college requirements.
Sources of college application essay samples
The internet, custom writing services, proficient personnel, books, and journals are some of the massive sources of college application essay samples, narrative essay samples, persuasive essay samples, cause and effect essay samples, personal essay samples, and descriptive essay sample, just but to mention a few.
Keep it in mind….
Samples of college application essays are compared to persuasive essay samples. They have a common objective, which is, to persuade the target audience to buy the writer’s point of view. If looked at keenly, samples of college essays fall under the broader category of persuasive essay samples. Nevertheless, while persuasive essay samples have a general audience, samples of college application essays are written to a specific audience, which is; college students. Keep it in mind that persuasive essays are written with the sole mandate of convincing the audience, to buy your point of view and consequently take relevant measures.

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