Friday, 28 September 2012

English Essay Samples

English tutors in high schools usually teach writing English essays as part of the course. For students to understand this course and perform well, the teacher needs to work extra hard and commit himself. One easy way of helping his students perform well is by preparing English essays samples.
For any teacher who has been in the field for a long duration, it will be easy to prepare English essay samples. Ones experience, skills and knowledge will guide him to come up with not only English samples, but also synthesis essay samples. Many students do not know how to write an English or synthesis essay. Thus, if the tutor prepares a high quality sample, students can always use it to get essay writing guidelines.
 In addition, using these English essay samples students will be able to know how to format and structure their piece of work. They will also understand the best writing style that to use when writing essays.
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How to prepare for writing English Essay Samples
One needs to analyze the coursework in composition. This is necessary because, he will get the key components of a well-written and organized English essay. Here, are a few things that the tutor or a student preparing English or synthesis essay samples should keep in mind.
  • One needs to start small. One needs to write a small piece that is inspiring, engaging and enlightening.
  • Choose the best topic. There are many engaging topics, which will help one come up with convincing synthesis essay samples. Some suggested topics to use include ‘how to’, ‘have you tried’ or ‘helpful tips’.
  • Research- It is advisable to research thoroughly and get ideas for the English essays. From the research, one will learn about the thing to do and those not to do while creating English essay samples.
  • Take notes- Notes are extremely crucial when it comes to an English assignment. They will help one to find the best topic ideas and create a well-written essay sample. One can refer to the notes taken during class work. It is wise to use English books and journals in your library or get the topics online.
  • Brainstorm- One needs to brainstorm before writing synthesis essay samples. Such undertakings will make it easy to organize your thoughts especially if the topic can be tackle in a number of ways.
  •      Outlining- This is a significant step to put into consideration. Begin with an introduction write the body and come up with an excellent conclusion.
It is wise to edit and proofread your English essay samples for punctuation, spelling and grammar. Additionally, it is wise to ensure the piece of work is free from plagiarism, as it will lower your reputation in the school and among the tutors. 

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