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Five Paragraph Essay Samples

Five paragraph essay samples are keys to exceptional five paragraph essay writing. As such, the following tips are a must read for students assigned five paragraph essay samples, stay with me.
What is a five paragraph essay?
A five paragraph essay is an essay that is written in five paragraphs exclusively. It takes different topics. As such, personal essay or Ib extended essay, among others, may take the format of a five paragraph essay.
A comparison of five paragraph essay samples and Ib extended essay samples
Ib extended essays are otherwise known as International Baccalaureate extended essays. An International Baccalaureate extended essay is a formal research based paper written by students during their junior and senior year. It is not part of class work. However, students receive support and guidance from supervisors. Since it is an IB extended essay, the topic must be in relation to IB curricular areas. It has a limit of 4000 words. The similarity between and Ib extended essay and five paragraph essay is that, Ib extended essays can be written in the format of a five essay paragraph.
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Attributes of stellar five paragraph essay samples
  1. Great examples of five paragraph essays must have five paragraphs exclusively. The first paragraph includes the introduction, the other three paragraphs are the body paragraphs, and the last paragraph is the conclusion.  
  2. The introduction- the introduction tells the reader what to expect from the essay. It must be interesting to capture the attention of the audience
  3.  Body paragraphs- they must be three. Each must discuss one idea exclusively. They must be in three parts; the main idea, support, and the connectors. The connectors join ideas within the paragraphs, the main idea introduces the paragraph’s objective and the support reinforces the main idea using examples and evidence.
  4. The conclusion summarizes the main ideas of the essay. It does not introduce any foreign ideas.

Note; the above attributes also apply to an Ib extended essay sample, with a format of a five paragraph essay.
 Sources of five paragraph essay samples
Custom writing services, the internet, and your colleagues are massive sources of five paragraph essay examples, deductive essay samples, and Ib extended essay samples, among others.
Take caution
Whether you are using Ib extended essay samples, five paragraph essay examples, or deductive essay samples, do not use the samples as if they were your own. This is termed as plagiarism, which comes with heavy penalties. 

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