Friday, 28 September 2012

Argumentative Essay Samples

There is a lot that one needs to know when writing an argumentative essay. The main function of an argumentative essay is to show your opinion about a phenomena is correct than any other. The art of argumentation can be tougher if told to put it in a paper and that is why learning how to write argumentative essays is necessary. When learning how to write an argumentative essay, one can always analyze and check argumentative essay samples.
There are good college essay samples that provide topic ideas for writers. It is wise to look at these samples and find a few topics to relate your own argumentative essay ideas. There are vast collections of argumentative essays samples that offer topics ideas. Here, are a few samples of argumentative essay topics that one can write about:
  •          Drug abuse
  •         Slavery
  •          Fashion
  •         Online games and violence
  •          Abortion pro choice and pro-life
  •          Homeschooling
  •          The use of animals in the research field
  •         Mass media
  •         Preventing violence against men and
  •         Television industry and internet
(Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with what is a thesis paper and how or when you are required to write one.)
      The aforementioned topics can help give a writer a chance to develop a constructive argument in his essay. Besides getting an idea on the topics to write about from the good college essay samples, one can learn how to organize his argumentative essay. Organizing your essay is one of the tough tasks when writing an argumentative essay. However, the readily available argumentative essay samples can provide the pointers.
Many times, it is not easy to convince your essay readers when writing an argumentative essay. However, if the essay is well organized, the reader may take a second look on the pointers provided and understand your opinion. By reading well-written argumentative essays samples, one can learn how to organize his essay.
From the many good college essay samples that are available in libraries or online, this is how an argumentative essay is organized.

  1. Start with a statement of your argument. Prove its suitability, importance, and relevance in relation to your topic idea or opinion.
  2.  One can then review the literature about the phenomenon or topic idea he may be discussing in the essay.
  3. Give all the necessary information that will support the phenomenon or your topic ideas.
Argumentative essay samples will also encourage writers to edit, revise and to make sure that they apply crucial processes to their arguments. In conclusion, the key to learning how to write high quality argumentative essays is to read and study good college essay samples, and then rewrite and practice how to write even better essays.

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